Patient Testimonials – June 2024

Here are a few things that people had to say about us:

Being part of the Fame group has been a wonderful experience. The team has continued to push me to improve. I have noticed leg strength, better balance, and improved arm function.

The patience and positivity of the group have been wonderful for me. I look forward to the class, it has really improved my quality of life both physically and mentally.

Thank so much 

Rainer H. – Fame Program

Too Great! The program has been so educational and helpful. Exercises are really focused and simple to remember, Claire is so supportive, clear, enthusiastic, and provides realistic support. The program is very organized, and Emma and the front desk staff are terrific! 

I am very grateful, feeling stronger and more optimistic.

Gail H. – Gla:d Program

“I have been undergoing knee rehabilitation at the UBC PTRC over the past eight months. The physiotherapists there have been instrumental in helping me return to sports quickly, safely, and without (too much) pain.

Chloe B.