How it Works

Your physio treatment at the UBC Physical therapy & Research Clinic (PTRC) will be performed by one of our students under the tutelage of an experienced Registered Physical Therapist. All of our supervisors and mentors are fully qualified and passionate about equipping the next generation with the skills required for an all-around treatment.  

Many of our Student Therapists are well into their studies by the time they’re gaining hands-on experience at UBC PTRC and will continue to refine their skills until the end of their program. 



Consultation & Assessment 

Before starting your first treatment, you’ll be asked to fill out a clinic intake form. This allows our students, therapists and supervisors to better understand your medical history and any areas that need extra care or attention. Once your treatment begins, your student therapist will take you through the following steps as part of their training: 

  • Review your intake form or previous charts 
  • Identify your primary complaint and any secondary concerns 
  • Perform an assessment that aligns with their stage of learning 
  • Explain the results of the assessment to you and define goals for treatment 
  • Propose a treatment plan for the massage session 
  • Ask for consent from you to perform the proposed treatment 



Supervisor’s Approval 

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Once your treatment plan has been discussed, you’ll be instructed on how to prepare for your session. The student intern will then leave the treatment area to speak with their supervisor.  

While you are getting settled in the treatment area our students are discussing, with their supervisors, the following crucial steps: 

  • Report the results of your assessment and their clinical findings for your individual case 
  • The reviewed treatment plan and goals along with the techniques intend to achieve them 
  • Receive feedback and tips based on the supervisor’s clinical experience 
  • Secure approval to proceed with the treatment plan 



Student Lead Treatment 

Your student therapist is trained to use a variety of techniques, depending on their level of clinical placement. This treatment could take many shapes depending on your particular injury  

Please remember, UBC PTRC is a learning environment and therefore the clinic supervisor may enter your treatment space to check in with our student. During this time, the supervisor may ask about specific goals, demonstrate a treatment technique, or ask questions to help improve your experience and the knowledge of the student. 

Remember that communication with your student therapist is important to ensure that your experience is a positive one. In our clinic, the students welcome constructive feedback throughout the hands-on process to ensure they are effectively achieving their planned results.  



Reassessment & Homecare 

Once the hands-on portion of your appointment is complete, you’ll be asked a few questions and to repeat a few assessment techniques to reassess your state and determine the effectiveness of the treatment. They’ll provide you with a home care plan that may include exercises, stretches, relaxation techniques or hydrotherapy that you can do at home to continue your care.