Our Team

Melissa Idle

Melissa graduated from UBC with her Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) in 2003 and has continued ongoing post-graduate training in a variety of areas. She has experience working with adults of all ages and fitness abilities and works with clients to optimize mobility and function. Melissa incorporates a focus on helping clients to set and achieve their own goals whether that is return to daily activities, work, sport, or play. She has worked with various forms of arthritis, pre- and post-joint replacement surgery, and is a GLA:D certified therapist. Melissa has also worked with older adults, neurological populations, movement disorders

Melissa has extensive experience working with individuals during, and after cancer treatment. She works with individuals to reduce and manage side effects of cancer treatment such as cancer related fatigue, mobility restrictions, lymphedema, and deconditioning. Melissa has developed skills to help individuals learn to manage lymphedema through evidence informed interventions which may include education, therapeutic exercise, compression bandaging and garments, and functional movement re-education.

Melissa is passionate about contributing the physiotherapy profession through helping students to develop clinical reasoning and critical thinking in the clinical setting. She has mentored physical therapy students on clinical placements from across the country. Melissa has also participated in clinical research partnerships with the University of British Columbia contributing to advancing and developing physical therapy practice in British Columbia for individuals undergoing surgery and treatment for breast cancer.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys running, cycling, swimming and she completed her first olympic distance triathlon this year. She also enjoys travel, gardening, and spending time with her family and friends.