Pregnancy & Beyond


Pregnancy brings about several changes in a women’s body, therefor putting new and different strains on many structures. Pregnancy can cause or exacerbate low back pain, SIJ dysfunction, pubis symphysis pain/dysfunction and pelvic floor muscle weakness. Postpartum recovery varies greatly and in most cases, women benefit from guidance in how to find and reactivate their core stabilizing and pelvic floor muscles. Postural changes and body mechanics can be retained to optimize functions and improve long term outcomes.


– Improve postural awareness

– Pelvic Floor muscle strengthening/ retraining

– Guidance on safe return to activity/ sports

– Improve function and mobility in women with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and Pelvic Pain


– Pelvic Floor Muscle retraining

– Core muscle exercise program development

– Manual therapy

– Taping – in certain instances taping techniques can help with SPD/ Pelvic pain

– Postural education and advice